Guest Speakers Wanted

The Tempe Tea Party is dedicated to educating the public on topics and issues that are of importance to our community. We sponsor regular events where invited speakers present information on a topic of their choosing and/or lead a group discussion.

If you have a topic that you’d like to cover, and are interested in being a guest presenter, contact us at the address below and we’ll see about scheduling you:

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Make Your Voice Heard

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If you’re not yet a member, Join Us and we’ll add you to the growing ranks of Tea Party patriots.

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TUHSD Sex Education Committee Meeting

Hi All,

Time for another Sex Ed Committee meeting in Tempe High Schools.

The official agenda has not been posted yet, but I want to start getting the word out. 

The meeting will be on 3-3-14, 4:30PM at the Tempe Historical Society.  This is easy to find at the SW corner of Rural and Southern in Tempe, right next to the Tempe library.  The TUHSD board room is under construction for much of the year, so the meetings will be at various locations.  The good thing is we are getting to see different facilities in the area that we’ve heard of but never visited.

Note the day change–MONDAY.

Please forward this to all your contacts.  In my opinion, the sticking point with the committee at this point seems to be they don’t understand why most of the public comment is against Planned Parenthood.  We are hoping they are diligent and research all the curriculums and find any ties to PP, whether it is through funding, training, teaching, or writing these curriculums.  We also hope they spend some time familiarizing themselves with Planned Parenthood’s true mission and source of income. 

Public comment is welcome or just come and show your support.  If any there are any scheduling changes, we will let you know.

My contact information is  Thanks, Peggy McClain

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Orwellian Overtures From The FCC

FCC Monitors Your News, Komrade

The Useful Idiots who make up Obama’s MSM palace guard are about to find out what happens to Useful Idiots who outlive their usefulness.

How much of our money would the govermnet avoid pouring down a hole in the ground if the FCC’s budget were cut to zero, or thereabouts?

What, precisely, does the FCC do? Yes, I know they’re responsible for licensing and policing of the electromagnetic spectrum. But exactly how much does it genuinely cost to perform this function?

The FCC apparatchiks who have dreamed this nonsense up at the behest of the Obama regime should share his future prison cell.

Here’s more on the story: New Obama initiative tramples First Amendment protections

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Educated Fools

I’m currently taking a class on computer networking. The textook used in this course was written by Andrew Tanenbaum and David Wetherall. Both are computer scientists of some renown.

Included in chapter one is the following passage:

Computer networks, like the printing press 500 years ago, allow ordinary citizens to distribute and view content in ways that were not previously possible. But along with the good comes the bad, as this new-found freedom brings with it many unsolved social, political, and ethical issues. Let us just briefly mention a few of them; a thorough study would require a full book, at least. Social networks, message boards, content sharing sites, and a host of other applications allow people to share their views with like-minded individuals. As long as the subjects are restricted to technical topics or hobbies like gardening, not too many problems will arise.

The trouble comes with topics that people actually care about, like politics, religion, or sex. Views that are publicly posted may be deeply offensive to some people. Worse yet, they may not be politically correct.

When I first read this passage, I literally stared at the page for several seconds, wide-eyed and staggered at the absurdity of what had been written.

I don’t know which of the authors wrote this particular passage, but I have to believe that it reflects views they share, otherwise it would not have been published in the book.

These men, for all their technical knowledge and skill, are first rate fools and blind to their own shortcomings.

Political systems in free societies are driven by, and flourish through, the open exchange of ideas — including bad ideas. Political orthodoxy, and the push to suppress the expression of political ideas that challenge that orthodoxy, are the hallmarks of societies that are not free. The solution to the problem of bad ideas is the vigorous expression of ideas that are better. Only those whose ideas are flawed and weak feel threatened by the expression of ideas that challenge their own.

That these two men call for political orthodoxy, and fret over the power that widespread internet access gives to those who would challenge that orthodoxy, tells me two things. First, it tells me that they do not believe that all citizens should have a say in the structure and policies of the society in which they live, but that only those who believe in their preferred political orthodoxy should. In other words, they do not believe in popular sovereignty. They do not believe that government derives its structure and its very authority from the consent of the governed.

If you were to ask them, and if they were to answer truthfully, they would likely say that the power to shape and direct society belongs in the hands of experts – such as themselves obviously, and that the common person should defer to their judgment. In this they are typical leftists. They truly believe that the problems of the world would be solved if people like them were in charge. This betrays an almost comical lack of insight into human problems or the aspects of human nature which lie behind these problems.

The second thing their desire for political orthodoxy tells me is that they subscribe to ideas that cannot be defended, and that they know this. It is hard to sell the idea that most of us are children who need to be looked after by a benevolent dictatorship of elitists and technocrats.

People like these two used to make me quite upset. Today I almost laugh. The principal emotion I feel is one of pity. The change in feeling came when I realized that people such as this are lost souls. They do, in their own flawed way, want to make things better. But they’re not nearly as smart as they think they are. Expertise in one area, such as computer science, does not make one qualified to make better decisions about anything else, such as public policy. As Richard Feynman once said: “A scientist looking at nonscientific problems is just as dumb as the next guy.”

These guys are pretty dumb.

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The Crabs In Our Bucket

Is The Establishment GOP Preparing For War With The Tea Party?

Hot Air’s Allahpundit and Erika Johnsen have both documented a growing movement to boot Tea Party members of Congress over the next two election cycles. It seems that the business community is behind this conspiracy; horrified over the fact that a rather significant proportion of Republicans in Washington were willing to roll the dice on default. In the aftermath of the government shutdown, which was highly enjoyable, the Republican establishment is striking back.

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

Some people respond to this sort of thing with talk of a 3rd party. This is a mistake. We don’t need a 3rd party, we just need to replace the Republican Party with the Tea Party.

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DHS Exiles American Citizens Using Fake Foreign Laws

The DHS Has Been Using A Fake Mexican Constitution Article To Deport US Citizens For 35 Years

For more than two decades, Sigifredo Saldana Iracheta insisted he was a U.S. citizen, repeatedly explaining to immigration officials that he was born to an American father and a Mexican mother in a city just south of the Texas border.

Year after year, the federal government rejected his claims, deporting him at least four times and at one point detaining him for nearly two years as he sought permission to join his wife and three children in South Texas.

In rejecting Saldana’s bid for citizenship, the government sought to apply an old law that cited Article 314 of the Mexican Constitution, which supposedly dealt with legitimizing out-of-wedlock births. But there was a problem: The Mexican Constitution has no such article.

The Administrative Appeals Office also cited Article 130 of the Constitution of Mexico for the same proposition that the Constitution requires that parents be married in order for children to be legitimated. However, Article 130 provides only that marriage is a civil contract, as opposed to a religious one, and says nothing about legitimation or children.

This is almost too outrageous to be believed. The US government has been illegally exiling Americans to Mexico since at least 1978, and inventing non-existent Mexican laws to justify it.

This is one of the most egregious violations of a citizen’s human and constitutional rights I’ve ever heard of. The people responsible for this should not merely be fired, but should spend the rest of their natural lives behind bars.

What irks me the most though, is that the very same federal government responsible for this persecuted Joe Arpaio for the crime of properly enforcing immigration laws and working to deport actual foreign nationals who really are here illegally.

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Deportations Disrupted in Tucson

Activists block buses, court to try to stop Ariz. deportations

Immigrant-rights activists said Friday morning they are blocking buses in Tucson, Ariz., filled with illegal immigrants who are on their way to be being sentenced to jail and then processed for deportation.

The activists said those on the buses are part of Operation Streamline, which is designed to give illegal immigrants jail sentences before they are deported, as a deterrent to keep them from trying to reenter the country in the future. The activists, though, say the program circumvents due process rights.

Friday’s move was a precursor to more demonstrations next week, when the activists plan to try to shut down the Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Phoenix.

Odds are that most of the people doing this are illegals themselves.

If so, there is a reason they’re doing this in TUCSON.

Had they tried this here in Phoenix, they’d be next in line for deportation.

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Cops three times more likely to commit murder than CCW holders

Police Officers Three Times More Likely to Murder Than Concealed Carry Permit Holders

Arizona – -( In 1994, when Arizona started its shall issue concealed carry weapon (CCW) program, there was considerable interest in how many and what types of homicides would be related to the new law.

I started teaching classes for the Arizona CCW permit when it went into effect, and I immediately noticed that my students were well above average in attitude, responsibility, and civility. They always pitched in to assist in setting up where necessary, and their personal checks have always been good.

When the first statistics became available, I eagerly digested the information. One person with a CCW permit had committed a homicide, although not with a concealed weapon. It was a domestic situation, and the perpetrator was a retired police officer.

The question arose, how often do police officers commit homicide compared to concealed carry permit holders? Of the two, which is more common?

It appears that a person is three times safer with a concealed carry permit holder than they are with a police officer.

But remember kids, only police officers and other agents of the state should be able to have guns. They work for the government, and everyone knows that you should always trust the government and people who work for it.

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The Conservative Answer to Media Matters

From their mission statement:

The media win elections for the left. It’s not the left’s competence in office; leftists have demonstrated none. It’s not the left’s ideas; leftist ideas have failed everywhere they have been tried. The left wins for one simple reason: leftists control the information distribution system in the United States. And they use that system to pillory conservatives as heartless bigots intent on harming the poor and targeting minorities.

The media must be destroyed where they stand. That is our mission at Truth Revolt. The goal of TruthRevolt is simple: unmask leftists in the media for who they are, destroy their credibility with the American public, and devastate their funding bases.

TruthRevolt focuses on high-profile media members, and holding them accountable. But TruthRevolt does not stop there. TruthRevolt understands that all politics is local, and therefore looks to fight leftist propaganda at the local level, monitoring local newspapers, television and radio. TruthRevolt also seeks to stop the left dead in its tracks when it comes to training the next generation, our college campuses.

TruthRevolt works to make advertisers and funders aware of the leftist propaganda they sponsor – and bringing social consequences to bear to create pressure on such advertisers and funders.

This will get personal. This will get rough. We’re ready for action.

We need your help, and we want you to get involved — not just by giving money, but by becoming a TruthRevolt fighter. See our “Join the Fight” page to learn how you can help.

Their first target? Everyone’s favorite race hustler, demagogue, and agitator for tribal hatred, Al Sharpton

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Movie Night, October 15th: They Come to America

THEY COME to AMERICA I: Cost of Illegal Immigration (2012)

DML’s first film is a riveting, non-partisan doc that exposes the true costs both human and financial. It’s a film the open-borders advocates don’t want you to see because it tells both sides of the issue. “Amazing film.” – Andrew Wilkow, THE BLAZE

Date: Tuesday, October 15th
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Pyle Center
Directions: Map
(Part of Tempe Library complex on SW corner of Rural and Southern)

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Crazed Knifeman Attacks Bloomberg’s Subjects with Assault Utensil

Man Wielding Scissors Stabs 5, Including Toddler, in 9 Minutes at Upper West Side Park

A man wielding scissors stabbed and slashed a 1-year-old boy, his father and three other people in a series of random attacks in less than 10 minutes along a popular running and biking path on Manhattan’s Upper West Side Tuesday morning.

One of the women, 36, was stabbed in the chest and is in critical condition, law enforcement officials said. A 32-year-old woman was injured in the neck, a 36-year-old man was stabbed in the stomach and the 35-year-old father of the boy was slashed on the chest. The toddler also had a slash wound.

Police have a 43-year-old suspect in custody who is described as a homeless man from Texas suffering from psychological problems.

I blame the National Rapier Association. If it weren’t for their blood money being spent to buy and intimidate legislators and prevent the passage of Common Sense Blade Control laws, things like this wouldn’t happen.

As things stand now, anyone can walk into any department or discount store and purchase an Assault Utensil, which as everyone knows will turn anyone who holds it into a crazed killer.

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