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Fiscal conservative. Civil libertarian. IT Professional. Dedicated to constitutionally limited government, free speech, free trade, globalism, gun rights, and most of the other things that the left loves to hate.

Orwellian Overtures From The FCC

FCC Monitors Your News, Komrade The Useful Idiots who make up Obama’s MSM palace guard are about to find out what happens to Useful Idiots who outlive their usefulness. How much of our money would the govermnet avoid pouring down … Continue reading

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Educated Fools

I’m currently taking a class on computer networking. The textook used in this course was written by Andrew Tanenbaum and David Wetherall. Both are computer scientists of some renown. Included in chapter one is the following passage: Computer networks, like … Continue reading

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The Crabs In Our Bucket

Is The Establishment GOP Preparing For War With The Tea Party? Hot Air’s Allahpundit and Erika Johnsen have both documented a growing movement to boot Tea Party members of Congress over the next two election cycles. It seems that the … Continue reading

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DHS Exiles American Citizens Using Fake Foreign Laws

The DHS Has Been Using A Fake Mexican Constitution Article To Deport US Citizens For 35 Years For more than two decades, Sigifredo Saldana Iracheta insisted he was a U.S. citizen, repeatedly explaining to immigration officials that he was born … Continue reading

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Deportations Disrupted in Tucson

Activists block buses, court to try to stop Ariz. deportations Immigrant-rights activists said Friday morning they are blocking buses in Tucson, Ariz., filled with illegal immigrants who are on their way to be being sentenced to jail and then processed … Continue reading

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Cops three times more likely to commit murder than CCW holders

Police Officers Three Times More Likely to Murder Than Concealed Carry Permit Holders Arizona – -( In 1994, when Arizona started its shall issue concealed carry weapon (CCW) program, there was considerable interest in how many and what types of … Continue reading

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The Conservative Answer to Media Matters From their mission statement: The media win elections for the left. It’s not the left’s competence in office; leftists have demonstrated none. It’s not the left’s ideas; leftist ideas have failed everywhere they have been tried. The left wins … Continue reading

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Movie Night, October 15th: They Come to America

THEY COME to AMERICA I: Cost of Illegal Immigration (2012) DML’s first film is a riveting, non-partisan doc that exposes the true costs both human and financial. It’s a film the open-borders advocates don’t want you to see because it … Continue reading

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Crazed Knifeman Attacks Bloomberg’s Subjects with Assault Utensil

Man Wielding Scissors Stabs 5, Including Toddler, in 9 Minutes at Upper West Side Park A man wielding scissors stabbed and slashed a 1-year-old boy, his father and three other people in a series of random attacks in less than … Continue reading

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Are Government Schools a Form of Child Abuse?

Yes, next question? Bureaucrats suspended a little boy for taking bites out of a pop tart in such a way that it was shaped like a gun. Bureaucrats suspended a 7-year boy for pretending to throw a non-existent grenade on … Continue reading

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