Because a Trillion Dollars in new debt has to be paid back sometime…

Politicians from all parties are driving our nation into the ground with profligate spending that would make a coked up high roller running wild in Atlantic City look prudent. Why do we allow them to continue?

Here is a small step towards doing something about it:

We Demand A Balanced Budget

Some say that a call for a balanced budget amendment is dangerous because there is no way to limit the discussion of amendments to this single issue. I say that if our nation is really so far gone culturally and politically that we must fear the passing of Socialist amendments to our constitution, then we’re already doomed and nothing we do can save us.

However, if we do nothing, if we allow the current system whereby the federal government steals money from our descendants to pay for “entitlements” and other wasteful and criminal budget items, then our doom is a mathematical certainty.


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Fiscal conservative. Civil libertarian. IT Professional. Dedicated to constitutionally limited government, free speech, free trade, globalism, gun rights, and most of the other things that the left loves to hate.
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