UPDATE: Obama Campaign NOT Attempting to Disenfranchise Military Voters


Breitbart: Obama Campaign Sues to Restrict Military Voting

On July 17th, the Obama for America Campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the Ohio Democratic Party filed suit in OH to strike down part of that state’s law governing voting by members of the military. Their suit said that part of the law is “arbitrary” with “no discernible rational basis.”

Currently, Ohio allows the public to vote early in-person up until the Friday before the election. Members of the military are given three extra days to do so. While the Democrats may see this as “arbitrary” and having “no discernible rational basis,” I think it is entirely reasonable given the demands on servicemen and women’s time and their obligations to their sworn duty.

Other than the obvious tendency of military personnel to avoid voting for Communists, why might the left want to attack this law?

Probably because it requires that members of the military prove their identity. If someone shows up wanting to vote during that extra three day period, they’ll have to prove they are in the military. The truth that ID requirements empower voters is something the left is desperate to destroy.

UPDATE, courtesy of Hotair

It turns out that instead of trying to remove the ability of military members to vote during those three extra days, they are attempting to make those days open for EVERYONE to vote:

Obama Campaign vs Ohio Secretary of State

WHEREFORE, Plaintiffs request of this Court the following equitable relief:…

B. A preliminary and permanent order prohibiting the Defendants, their respective agents, servants, employees, attorneys, successors, and all persons acting in concert with each or any of them, from implementing or enforcing lines 863 and 864 of Sec. 3509.03 (I) in HB 224, and/or the SB 295 enactment of Ohio Revised Code § 3509.03 with the HB 224 amendments thereby restoring in-person early voting on the three days immediately preceding Election Day for all eligible Ohio voters;

I still think that this is tied in to their desire to do away with ID at the polls, but it cannot be said that they are trying to interfere with military personnel voting.


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