Understanding the Embassy Attacks

In the past few days there has been much chin wagging about the embassy attacks, with more than a few on the left being their typical reprehensible selves by claiming that we were attacked because someone made a movie trailer the terrorists found insulting.

Instead of standing up for our core values, of which freedom of speech is only the most sacred, they cower before a weak and pitiful enemy, whose only threat to us is that they might take our lives. In response the left proposes that we sacrifice our liberty in the hope of appeasing them.

To them I say this: If the worst thing that someone can do is kill you, if nothing means more to you than your own finite existence on this earth, if you do not believe in anything that you are willing to fight for if it means you might not live to see tomorrow, then you deserve to be subjugated by those who do.

Still others, this time on the right, have claimed that we were attacked because president Obama has been crowing too loudly about the killing of Osama Bin Laden. This is no better than what the left has been spewing. It is nothing but partisan political gamesmanship and an unworthy response to such a tragedy.

In the search to understand what motivates islamofacists, it is a dire mistake to look to ourselves as the cause. They are not evil because of who we are, but because of who they are.

We were not attacked because of a movie on youtube or because the president was overly boastful. We were attacked because our enemy saw an opportunity to attack us, and took it.

The mistake that our side made was in failing to secure our embassies. Had the proper precautions and security procedures been in place, the headlines would have read “Marines thwart terrorist attack: dozens dead, no Americans harmed.”

The proper response in the wake of what did happen is not to navel gaze and ponder why it is that followers of a medieval death cult do not love us, but to find said followers and end their tenure on this earth.

They’re willing to kill for their beliefs. We need to make sure they die for them.


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