Elijah Cummings Targets Group Fighting Voter Fraud

Cummings goes after group combating voter fraud

A top Democratic lawmaker is going after True the Vote, a prominent conservative anti-vote fraud group, over concerns that its efforts may adversely impact minority voters.

Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, ranking member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has sent two letters to the Houston-based organization seeking “specific documents about the manner in which True the Vote and its affiliated organizations have been challenging the registration of thousands of voters across the country based on insufficient, inaccurate and faulty evidence.”

Dead people are a minority. Illegal aliens are a minority. Convicted felons are a minority. Democratic party operatives showing up to vote under another person’s name because they don’t have to show ID, they’re a minority too.

Clearly attempting to ensure that these individuals are not given a ballot is the worst sort of racism and bigotry imaginable.

Come comrades, let us raise our vodka glasses high to commissar Cummings and his brave efforts to ensure that all who wish to vote are able to do so!


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