Destroying the Republican Party?

The truth about the tea party

“Why is the tea party destroying the Republican Party?”

That’s a leading question that I have been asked repeatedly from media pundits and Democratic politicians over the past three years. Over that time, Democratic politicians and media pundits have almost universally accused the tea party of bringing ruin to the Grand Old Party. According to this skewed narrative, Republican leaders were once bipartisan, rational and almost worthy of getting invitations to Georgetown cocktail parties. Now, they are Manchurian candidates held captive by the right-wing beasts whose only goal is to infect the minds of real-life Nick Brodys who dominate the U.S. House.

The Dems and the Marxist Socialist Media (MSM) want to see the Republican Party destroyed. If they’re screaming that something or someone is destroying the Republican Party, you can rest assured that what’s actually going on is the exact opposite.

If you’re catching flak, it means you are over the target.

But in a strange way, they are right. We are destroying those elements of the Republican party that are corrupt. Republicans in office will do the right thing or we will hammer them with challengers in the primaries. The days of saying one thing on the campaign trail and doing something else after election day, those days are over. The days of pork and earmarks are over.


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