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The Continuing Appeal of Communism in the West

I was told in Prague that a few weeks earlier, at the same Institute, the Polish editor and former dissident Adam Michnik, known as a moderate and not a firebrand conservative, spoke and without naming the group he was talking about, talked about the recent calls in America he had read about for equality and fairness. Michnik said he had heard such calls in his youth in Communist Poland, and saw no difference in what the current occupiers were calling for than what the Communists in his day in Poland had demanded.

The OWS crowd certainly don’t call themselves “communists.” If anything, those who get the most comment are self-proclaimed anarchists and others are socialists, radicals of various stripes, demagogues, anti-Semites, members of various fringe ultra-left groups like the Workers World Party and International Answer, and others of that ilk. But put together, they form a sometimes incoherent but nevertheless group of radical activists bent on overthrow of the system — not banking reform, political change in Washington, or anything remotely possible. Unlike the Tea Party activists, who moved to try and have a political influence, these protestors demand “revolution,” an all-encompassing phrase that means little but which reveals their favored stance.

When bad people with bad ideas do bad things in the name of those bad ideas, the ideas themselves (and especially their rationalizations) tend to be crafted in such a way as to facilitate those bad actions. Therefore they tend to be very similar, if not identical, and are really just the window-dressing used to disguise incompetence and the malice it inspires.

This is why you hear the very same excuses and justifications again and again regardless of time or place.

Losers will always blame winners for their failures. Winners on the other hand, when they lose, look first to themselves as the source of their failure before dusting themselves off and trying again. This is why there are so many talented losers in the world, and why champions of less than stellar ability are so easy to find. The difference between a winner and a loser isn’t primarily talent, but character.


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